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Geek Alert: Tubed vs Tubed Tires For Your Ride – TriCoachGeorgia

Coaches Longman and Slayer attended the Endurance Exchange (E2) in Tempe, Az. There were many cutting edge concepts presented and the coaches took good notes. We hope to highlight some of our coaches’ takeaways in the next several weeks. Tubeless Tires are the Way to Go! Coach Longman attended a session that reviewed the concept […]

Facing Facts – Reaper Rick Pruett – TriCoachGeorgia

Introduction Triathletes are people too, and they have trials and tribulations. Some have more challenging ones than others but each of them have something to overcome. The coaching staff at TCGA wanted you to learn about one special situation that a lot can be learned from. Grandmasters athlete and honorable Reaper Team Member Rick Pruett […]

Xterra Welcomed as Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia

TCGa partners with Xterra Wetsuits for Value Option   Introduction As the worst team in triathlon and endurance sports’ focus turns to 2018, the team continues to quickly grow against all odds and to cultivate relationships throughout the endurance sport industry. This rapidly developing team born in Georgia and with athletes throughout North America and […]