Georgia Cycle Sports

Athens Family Bicycle Shop is ready to serve all of your bicycle related needs. We have a wide selection of bicycles, friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, as well as certified mechanics and certified master bike fitters.
Our hours are 9am-7pm, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, and 1pm-4pm Sundays.

10% off in store purchases only for TriCoachGeorgia team members on anything that is manufacturer discountable (e.g., not garmins) http://georgiacyclesport.com/

ORR Cycling Carbon Wheel Systems

ORR Cycling Carbon Wheel Systems are hand built with the everyday riders in mind. Aerodynamic carbon rims, aero spokes, high quality light weight hubs, all combined to make a light weight yet stiff wheel. At 38mm, 60mm, or 88mm rim depths you can chose the option best for your riding. Today’s carbon technology offers both strength and stiffness needed for speed. Deep rims, hand built with SAPIM CX-RAY Spokes.

TriCoachGeorgia and TriKidsGeorgia are eager to support local and regional firms that give back and do quality work. They provide our athletes and team members with $500 discounts off online non-sale item pricing and further discounts on sale items. ORR Wheels were already on a number of our athletes’ bikes so this was the natural affiliate. And they put wheels on Coaches Slayer and Taz’s bikes for Ironman KONA World Championships 2016. ORR Cycling specializes in Carbon Wheel Systems for wind-tunnel tested speed. They offer a full line of carbon fiber bicycle wheels built with aerodynamics, that are stiff and light weight, don’t breaking the bank!

For discount mentioned above, look them up at your Ironman Expo or give Jason a shout and tell them we sent you!

Jason Williamson (864)276-6797

Tifosi Optics

Eleven years and countless pairs of sunglasses later, Tifosi Optics honors its commitment to bring quality, value pricing and excellent customer service to athletes worldwide. Tifosi is sold at 5,000+ retailers in over 38 countries.

If you’re a runner, cyclist, or triathlete, you don’t want to just be looking good at the end of the race but you want to be good looking too! #‎TriKidsGeorgia and TriCoachGeorgia.com enjoy a sizeable discount from our local firm www.TifosiOptics.com who makes some of the best sunglasses at the most affordable price points. We are honored to be one of the only sponsored Tifosi Teams.

Running Warehouse

Sometimes our team athletes, coaches, campers, and coached athletes are local or visit Georgia and can drop by our fave local shoe outfitters and get set up. Others are far and still want access to some of the best running shoes, gear and attire on amazing deals. Fortunately, we are affiliates with the best running online retailer too, Running Warehouse, and they offer us a 15% discount off online purchases.

Running Warehouse is America’s Finest Running Online Specialty Store. They love connecting with runners like you who care about the sport. If you’re looking for the latest products to help you perform at peak levels, chances are very good that they’ve got them. Their mission is to provide a hometown running specialty experience to all runners, anywhere. And we think they #‎DoTheirJob!

Roka Sports

ROKA Sports is well known to many triathletes, swimmers, and cyclists already. Coached athletes, youth, team members, coaches, and campers get an amazing discount on all their items. At ROKA, they are #dedicated to empowering athletes with products that make them faster! Faster takes hard work but when you find resonance with your training and equipment there’s nothing like it. It’s called “easy speed” and it feels AWESOME.

www.RokaSports.com are #committed to making the finest technical sportswear on the planet. They have some of the very best athletes in the world, who demand the utmost of our resources and capabilities. They include multiple Ironman World Champ and #TriKidsGeorgia Captain Melissa Hauschildt, and countless other World Champions, Olympians, and IRONMAN Champions.

Xterra Wetsuits

With unparalleled design, Xterra Wetsuits strive to offer the highest performing wetsuit at the best value in the industry. As a global leader in triathlon wetsuits, Xterra Wetsuits provide speed, comfort, durability and buoyancy for dedicated triathletes.

TCGa family athletes and team members receive 60% off wetsuits and 55% off inflatable paddleboards as well as discounts on other types of gear, fuel, supplements and more.

Rudy Project

A sports eyewear leader for 30 years, Rudy Project is leading a race that knows no limits: the continuous pursuit of excellence in its materials, design and performance. Rudy Project is an established brand above all because of its performance sunglasses, RX solutions, as well as goggles and helmets of the highest technical level.

TCGa family athletes and team members receive 35% off all Rudy Project in-line protective helmets, eyewear, goggles and accessories. An additional 10% off all Outlet items; this includes single vision prescriptions.