Coach Long Man
Karl Langenbach

If you are looking for a highly experienced endurance athlete/mentor/coach with a focus on triathlon as a healthy, long-term life style, then Coach Long Man, aka Karl Langenbach, is likely right for you. Karl has a diverse competitive background including USA Cycling road races, USA Cycling cyclo-cross, Les Randonneurs Mondiaux brevets, USA Triathlon short courses (two-time national championship qualifier), Ironman long courses, cross country running, marathons (Boston qualified for 2016), and Tough Mudder obstacle racing.

Karl is a USA Triathlon Level 1 certified coach and former USA Cycling Level 3 coach with extensive knowledge about overall training modalities including:
Personalization based upon your health needs, race goals, physical strengths & weaknesses, mental focus, available time & budget

  • Power, speed & endurance development on the bike using wattage and/or heart rate
  • Power, speed & endurance development on the run using pacing and/or heart rate
  • Power, speed & endurance development during the swim based on your technique and T pace
  • Nutrition & recovery with a focus on weight loss or maintenance, functional flexibility, sleep and stress management
  • Long term health with a focus on body composition, supplements and matching appropriate activities with your stage of life
  • Healthy life style with a focus on balance in all facets: personal, family, spiritual and professional

Coach Long Man is a firm believer that almost everyone is better off training & racing as a part of an active, supportive team; and there is none better in the U.S. than TriCoachGeorgia, as evidenced by our fantastic exclusive FB forum, team discounts on a variety of necessary gear (race entries, clothing, nutrition, et cetera), attendance/support at major races across the country, and the great reputation our membership has earned in the national triathlon community.

Karl is supported at his races by his wonderful (& very understanding) wife, Dr. Luli de Guzman, and his two grown children, Diandra and Tai.

Some PR’s since turning 50 years old:

  • Ironman – 11:12 (2014)
  • Half Ironman – 4:52 (2015)
  • Marathon – 3:22 (2015)
  • Half Marathon – 1:37 (2014)
  • 5k – 19:59 (2014)
  • 200 km solo brevet – 6:14 (2014)

By the way, Karl earned his “Long Man” nickname for completing the 226 mile bike ride from Athens to Savannah, Georgia in 10 hours & 47 minutes in May 2008.


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