If you are new to endurance sports, want to take your racing & training to the next level, or want to move from short course to long course triathlon, where do you start? How do you set realistic goals and map out a plan to get there?

As Coaches who understand what it means to go from couch potato to competitive Age Groupers, we help endurance athletes balance training with family and work commitments. Our coaches value “bottom up training” and quality over quantity. We can help adults of all levels and abilities map out smart, strategic plans to get you to your priority races strong and healthy. Our coaches care – we are available, involved and celebrate your achievements.

Whether you are a short course or long course triathlete, medium distance (5k, 10k), long distance (half marathon or marathon) or ultra runner, we can help you achieve your performance goals. Need help with nutrition? Need to build strength and endurance? We assess your past performances, current fitness level and future goals to help you build a plan of attack.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaches come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments and it is vital to find a coach that meshes with your personality and particular style of training. Here’s what we are striving for as coaches:

  • Someone who can help athletes balance training with family and work commitments.
  • Someone who understands what it means to go from couch potato to competitive Age Grouper.
  • Someone who values “bottom up training” then shifts to more quality over quantity.
  • Someone who can help map out a smart, strategic plan to get athletes to A races strong and healthy.
  • Someone who has many years of life experience, have been coached ourselves, have solid short and long course racing experience, and someone who is developing a track record with a variety of age groupers.
  • Someone with good running, cycling, and swimming knowledge.
  • Someone who is not a “dictator”. We are very flexible interpersonally and good communicators. We are not a “do it because I said so” kind of coaches.
  • Someone who cares. We are available and involved. We celebrate your achievements.
  • Someone who will provide value for the dollar but may not be “cheap”.
  • Someone who’s going to manage “the big picture” (macro) for the athlete, but can also help with details and microanalysis.
  • Someone who believes in consistency via injury prevention and appropriate programming.
  • Someone who is giving back to the community.

Coach Slayer
Harvey Gayer

Harvey is a USA Triathlon Level 2 certified endurance coach, Slow Twitch certified, a Road Runners Club of America Certified Coach, and a USA Triathlon Youth & Junior certified coach. 

Coach Long Man
Karl Langenbach

If you are looking for a highly experienced endurance athlete/mentor/coach with a focus on triathlon as a healthy, long-term life style, then Coach Long Man, aka Karl Langenbach, is likely right for you. 

Coach TaxSlayer
Seth Waltman

TaxSlayer is a total team player, is passionate about the multisport lifestyle, and committed to TriCoachGeorgia. “Tax” has helped many athletes even before his coaching training. He was formerly obese, and has learned to manage his weight well. 

Coach Wicked
Courtney Connolly

Courtney Connolly, aka Coach Wicked, is a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach and an Ironman Certified Coach. Located in Kennesaw, GA just outside Atlanta. Over the past few years she has used her love of triathlon and turned it into a lifestyle.