Virtual Racing for the Slot?: Qualifying the New Fashioned Way – TriCoachGeorgia

Qualify for the 2020 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in New Zealand virtually ! WHAT? !

Yes, you read that correctly. Ironman is doing their best to keep the spark for all us competitive types out there. The new IM VR series is a love hate for most given some of the very skewed results and time postings from a few. Ironman heard the complaints and has done their best to remedy this situation.
Here is a brief of what we are looking at.

The Championship Series Division debuts this weekend beginning Friday, June 5 at 6pm GMT. The series will go for the next four weekends with a different race each weekend. Your best three out of four virtual races will count. You will accumulate points for each race. One race will be a 70. 3 distance and the other three will be Olympic-distance events. It appears that about 100 slots will be up for grabs across the age groups for the new date in 2021 for the postponed 2020 Championship in New Zealand. Spots will roll down like normal until accepted.

In the Championship Series Division you must complete your bike leg on the Rouvy Platform in race mode. No exception. Your run leg’s must be completed outdoors only. No exception. Ironman is doing their best to curtail the false results. You must have completed an Ironman/70.3 even either virtually or out in the real world for them to compare your splits. If anything does look out of place they will be requesting your data files for proof. Age group winners will be looked at closely – this a guarantee. It has been said that if a competitor is caught falsifying results you could be banned from events virtual and real world Ironman events in the future so let’s not go there.

Also, these virtual events are FREE! Championship series or the normal Classic division where you are allowed to ride/run inside. The Classic division does not put you in the running for the Championship spots. It’s your just for fun division. As always when you register read the fine print and make sure your devices sync properly and you are registering for the correct division. Check the ever changing and updated rules so you know you are performing properly. Ironman has given a generous time window over a whole weekend to get the races complete. No need to rush out of T1 or T2 unless you’ve been slacking all weekend!

Yes, some will say this should not be a Championship qualifying method. Agree or disagree but at this current time this is what Ironman is doing for us. It keeps people engaged and training because we will race again. Do Your Job! The TriCoachGeorgia Reaper’s sure are.

– Courtney Connolly aka Wicked