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TriCoachGeorgia is quite a diverse group. People of all backgrounds populate the team. There are also people of different shapes and sizes. Many think that the team is one of giants; however, there are many smaller sized athletes as well. No matter the background, shape, size, or color, the athletes share one thing in common. They just won’t quit! Indeed, #NoQuit has become a popular hashtag for them.

S’later for See Ya Later!

One of the team’s hardest working athletes is Missy Dobbins Hatchett aka S’later. She also goes by MissFitness, as she is a certified personal trainer in Northeast Georgia. She and her husband Tommy headed down to St. Petersburg, Florida for the iconic and stacked St. Anthony’s Triathlon. Not only was this her first Olympic distance triathlon, it was her first open water race as well. We thought her race report would give you a little insight the mindset of a successful first timer.  Here is her report in her words:

St. Anthony’s Apr. 24, 2016

“Never say Never…and overcoming many fears would be a good theme. A few years ago when asked if I “do triathlons” my immediate response was “No. Never. I don’t want to swim in icky waters with people kicking me in the face”.

Well…there you have it. A runner of many races in my “comfort zone”, I finally stepped outside and did it. And I must say, the results were not too bad for my first attempt. This was my first olympic distance triathlon race and my first open water ocean swim. It was also my first time on a bike for racing purposes.

I had prepared diligently for the event. I swam, bike, and ran more than I ever thought possible. Above and beyond triathlon training, I took good care of my body. I stayed true to regular Myofascial Release weekly and Chiropractic adjustments/muscle work/stretching (Thank you Todd & Dr. Kevin). As regards to the training plan, I never strayed unless I insisted on some extra rowing or plyometrics. (He might not admit it but Coach Slayer hates it!)


On the days leading up to the event, what helped most was having a solid support system. My husband was with me and participating. He has been the biggest support through all of this.  My close friend Noelle whom I started running with 16 years ago (she’s now an USAT All American and 4-time Ironman) was by my side up until the gun. My coach was there to chat the night before the race. I should note that I also got a practice swim the day before with my crew which calmed also my nerves and set aside some fears I had.

As the morning started, I was nervous and anxiety ridden just like any other race. I had to take multiple pre-race trips to the potty, but I was brave and lined up, ready to go. I thought of all my training and support.

Race Starts!

The swim went surprisingly well and the water was calm. I made my way around the buoys and easily transitioned to the bike. I was prepared for the bike but took it down a notch due to the heat/sun and my own newness at the distance. Coach was there to help shout at me on the early stage of the run and reminded me to pace myself and gave me a pat on the back, which was awesome. I ran strong with some of my best 10k pacing ever.

As I came through the finish line, I took time to quickly review my race. I reflected that I was indeed prepared. I was so prepared that I enjoyed the entire event, even some minor noob foul ups. I even smiled the whole way. I was gracious, and I thanked the cops, volunteers, and spectators. I was humble and felt blessed every step of the way.

I also want to note that four years ago, I almost lost my foot. I fought and after 3 surgeries, 2 grafts, 3 months of hyperbaric chambers and a year in a boot, I vowed to never give up, fight back and not slow down. I don’t forget that and say the Shechechiyanu (a Jewish prayer thanking G-D) every transition to keep me grounded.

Finished Strong

So, it ended. I finished smiling, happy and proud. Throughout the entire event, I felt pretty darn good. I budgeted my energy sources well and stuck to the plan. I did not let anxiety overcome me. I challenged myself yet also listened to my body & my coach. My friends, family and team were shouting me out online and in person. But, of course, I was wondering how I placed like everyone does.

It turned out that I was minutes away from 1st place in The Novice Division that I transferred out of at the last minute to race as a regular age grouper. But, I didn’t need an award that day. I was victorious in so many ways.

Want More

I am humble, but I strive for more. My schedule now includes more short course triathlons and then my A race, Steelhead 70.3 in August. Steelhead, I’m coming for you! I hope to be lucky enough to have all of the same gifts I had at St. Anthony’s triathlon including calm water, great weather, and a stellar support network. I hope I can keep my body well-trained and my head mentally prepared.


Thanks for reading. As for me, I have to get right back to work. I have a 10 mile run & 2000 yard swim in the early morning. Wish me luck, and I will do the same for you. Hollar if you see me on course or out training. If you are looking for a good team or coaches, I’d love to see you on our private forum and/or at the the races! #DoYourJob!”