Triathlon Coach Kim Hargrove and TriCoachGeorgia Interviewed for the Wall Street Journal

So the story goes that over at TriCoachgeorgia, we have been working hard at building our website This is a major undertaking as anyone who has taken on such a task knows and it’s a fluid process as we keep unrolling new facets.

We have been working with the best multimedia brand developer, Mr. Flynn Kaplan of DoggHouse Productions. He has designed new art, helped organize our content, made us standout. In short, he has raised our google rating to the highest levels.

Thus, we should not have been surprised when we were cold called recently by the Wall Street Journal writer, Ms. Rachel Bachman. When we asked her how she got our our name and number, she said she searched for Triathlon Coach and we were the first ones that came up on her search. She was writing on the topic of how to hack time. In other words, how do busy triathletes find the time to train.

After interviewing Triathlon Coach Slayer and Triathlon Coach KimPossible, she also interviewed one of our athletes, Seth Waltman aka TaxSlayer. She obviously interviewed some other athletes. In the end, she took the content she wanted most and that came from Triathlon Coach KimPossible. Below you can see the article in its’ entirety. There are many great tips therein. The moral of the story is if you work hard, often their are positive results. Hence our team hashtags of #DoYourJob and #ReapWhatYouSow!