Tri Bike Transport Welcomed as New Affiliate – TriCoachGeorgia

Triathlons are Worldwide

Tri Coach Georgia athletes travel far to race. The team has had some athletes go to race in France, Hawaii, California, Cozumel, etc. this year. They don’t always want to fly with their bike or ship it and not be sure that it’s safe.

The Solution is Here

Have you ever wondered how you would get your triathlon bike safely to an out of town race? The founder of Tri Bike Transport (TBT) wondered that too. In the summer of 2004, Marc Lauzon, the founder of TBT travelled from California to Idaho for Ironman Coeur D’Alene. He rented a truck and drove his bike and others to the race. With this first trip, TBT was born. TBT now delivers bikes safely and conveniently to more than 80 triathlons throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Reapers Welcome TBT

In December, Tri Bike Transport became the newest sponsor of Tri Coach Georgia. The team is part of TBT’s Social Media Sponsorship which entitles team members to receive a discount on shipping your fully assembled bike to your destination race. TBT provides the Reapers and others with dependable and safe transportation of one your most prized possessions.


The entire crew at TriCoachGeorgia is very excited to be associated with Tri Bike Transport. The team hopes the connection with TBT will encourage others to use the services of TBT. TBT offers all TCGa athletes and team members $25 off a fully assembled bike transport. The team will provide coaches, team members, and coached athletes with a promo code upon team membership. Happy trails and #DoYourJob!