Specialized Bicycle Components Welcomed as Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia

TriCoachGeorgia – the Brand

TriCoachGeorgia is a diverse group of triathletes located throughout the Southeast and as far away as England, New York, and Oklahoma. They sponsor and offer free coaching to the TriKidsGeorgia. The team’s focus is on having fun, competing and leading in the USAT National Challenge Competition and strive for great results, growth and camaraderie of all the members of the team.

Along with the their super coaching staff, the great events they put on, and the ongoing evolution of efforts to support the sport of triathlon, honors keep piling in for the Reapers of TriCoachGeorgia and the TriKidsGeorgia. Moreover, the team of misfits has formed or upgraded some stellar triathlon industry relationships with some of the best businesses in the world. The misfits are eager to announce their newest partnership.

The team uses a lot of different gear for swimming, cycling and running. Due to their phenomenal growth, the team has been in more demand in terms of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to help support the team’s athletes. As such they are eager to announce our most recent partnership with Specialized where #AeroIsEverything.

Specialized is THE TOP Cycling Manufacturer in Triathlon

Specialized branded bikes are world renowned for their quality, technology and innovation. Many of the best professional riders in the world entrust their bikes to Specialized bikes. Specialized realized that eliminating as much drag as possible will help athletes maximize their speed. In order to help cyclists determine the best positions for them, Specialized designed and built the Specialized Win Tunnel to be the perfect, cycling-specific wind tunnel. The wind tunnel allows a rider to test everything needed for a race. For more information on Specialized, please visit http://www.specialized.com/us/en/home.

Georgia CycleSport – A Great Local Bike Shop

Located in Athens, GA, Georgia Cycle Sport/Cycle Sport Concepts is a bicycle shop “ready to serve all of your bicycle related needs. They have a wide selection of bicycles, friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, as well as certified mechanics and certified master bike fitters. Georgia Cycle Sport is the Athens Area representative authorized Specialized dealer.”

For the past 3 years, Georgia Cycle Sport has been a sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia providing discounts and support to the team. When the TriKidsGeorgia started in October 2014, Georgia Cycle Sport enthusiastically joined as a sponsor to their youth team. TCGa and TKGa are very appreciative of the support received from the staff of Georgia Cycle Sport.

Specialized sponsors TCGA

As noted, Specialized is one of the most premiere companies in the cycling industry and one of the most sought after sponsorships in the multi-sport and cycling world. When Georgia Cycle Sport approached TCGa/TKGa with an opportunity to potentially become a sponsored team, TCGa/TKGa did not hesitate to apply for the sponsorship that was recently approved.

The sponsorship will provide the athletes of the two teams the opportunity to receive the best bikes, equipment and accessories on the market. TCGa/TKGa athletes will proudly wear Specialized logos on their team kits. The teams feel very fortunate to have been chosen as a sponsored team.

Wrap Up

By joining TCGa, an athlete will have the opportunity to be sponsored by Specialized and work with the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Georgia Cycle Sports. If you are looking for a team with opportunities like the Specialized sponsorship, please visit https://tricoachgeorgia.com for more information. You can be a part of this expanding and potent group of misfits!