SBR SPORTS Welcomed as Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia


As triathletes we focus on the primary, tangible pieces of equipment we need to perform at our best. Things like our bikes, shoes, helmets, and other apparel. And then there’s SBR Sports This company put its primary focus on many of the intangibles we don’t always think about, but are very important in making your training and racing a success. Which is why TriCoachGeorgia reached out to SBR Sports.


Separate shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.  Unlike our resident TCGa Coaches Slayer, BAMF, and TaxSlayer, those of you still donning a quaff on your lid will love the shampoo and conditioner.  Great for shampooing after your pool swims to remove chlorine and chlorine odor, hydrates, and moisturizes.

SBR Sports TRISWIM Product link


Hands down one of the best products on the market for not only getting into that tight fitting, difficult wetsuit, but also prevents chafing and blisters.  It’s safe on all fabric types.  Do yourself a favor and always keep a bottle of it in your transition bag.  But be warned!!!!  Your tri-friends will all want to borrow it.

SBR Sports TRISLIDE Product link


No one likes putting on their swim googles right before a race start and have them fog up on you.  Avoid this issue with Foggies.  These wipes are fantastic.  Individually packaged, defogs, cleans, and you can even reuse them several time if you keep in an air tight pack.

SBR Sports FOGGIES Product link


Swimming, Biking, and Running puts a lot of stress on our skin. Dermasport is a 4-step daily skin care product designed to help protect your skin from environmental damages. Helps to strengthen, rejuvenate, and restore balance.

SBR Sports DERMASPORT Product link


As much as TCGa Reapers spend sitting on their bikes, this product will come in handy.  A continuous skin spray lubricate that help reduce chaffing, blistering, is sweat proof, and save for all fabrics including bike short chamois. Also doubles as a lubricant for wetsuits.

SBR Sports SKIN SLICK Product link


The entire crew here at TriCoachGeorgia is very excited to be associated with SBR Sports. We hope our connection with them will encourage others to check out all of the products they offer. SBR Sports offers all TCGa athletes & team members a 30% discount on the range of SBR products.