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TriCoachGeorgia is on fire. The Reapers have increasingly attracted new coaches, athletes, and team members. The growth has been phenomenal and unprecedented. Many factors have contributed to this growth. One of the main factors has been the success of its training camps in association with the half-ironman 70.3 races in Augusta and Chattanooga, and the Ironman 140.6 (whoops 144.6) at the latter.

The camps are exciting and fun, demanding and thorough, and athletes are introduced to the course and some special products and lectures. One of the frequent contributors to the camps has been BASE  Performance. They have even sent the noted blogger and new BASE staff member, Miss Susie Kelly, to the last CampChoo. With her advanced medical background, Susie gave wonderful input about the correct and proper way to successfully use the products.

BASE Performance

For those unfamiliar, BASE Performance was founded by professional triathlete Chris Lieto, who spent 10 years searching for that secret sauce to help optimize his performance. After assembling his team, and many experiments later, BASE Performance products were born. Co-founding BASE alongside Matt Miller, another seasoned triathlete, they traveled the country with tic-tac containers filled with their now famous salt to hand out to athletes to try. Within 3 years the company has gone global and continues to grow through word of mouth as well as their inaugural pro, ambassador, and BASE athlete teams.

This tireless dedication to give athletes optimal performance and recovery through solid nutrition, backed by scientific and experiential data aligns with the TriCoachGeorgia philosophy. On principle, BASE Performance provides an experience for its athletes by staying on course at Ironman events at the lively “Salt Tent” until the last finisher crosses the line and attends training camps to participate side-by-side with athletes. TriCoachGeorgia can stand beside this, which is why the partnership seemed natural. Both firms strive to keep athletes performing and racing their best, finishing strong, with solid rest and recovery to attack the next goal on the list.

Joan Jett’s BASE Performance Experience

Given the fact that Joan Jett aka Carrie Giordano, an active TriCoachGeorgia Athlete, Social Media Dynamo, and Cycling Instructor at Ed Isakson/Alpharetta Family YMCA, uses and espouses these products, we asked her to write a little blog about her experiences with the products. Here they are:

“While sitting in on a bike clinic in spring of 2015, I was confiding in a fellow racing friend about my trepidation on my upcoming 70.3, and also my first. I was warned that the run was hot and the weather here in Atlanta had been frustratingly mild which left little chance for heat training. He pulled out of his pocket a small red vial of “the good stuff” (BASE Performance electrolyte enhanced salt). After a brief bio on the salt, I was intrigued. He told me to keep it and use it at my race.

Gulf Coast Triathlon (GCT) in May each year is notorious for having a hot run. Anyone who has ever experienced Ironman Florida knows the course well. GCT uses one loop of the same course. It was scorching. I had not anticipated how hot it was truly going to be out there.

Directions given to me were one lick of the mini handheld BASE salt canister every mile on the run or as needed. After coming off the bike with a definite deficit in electrolytes and an oncoming headache, I popped a double take of salt. Every 2 miles I did the same along with water intake. It saved my race. I was ready to give up by mile 10 and by mile 11, it was a death march to the finish. I would’ve been in the medic tent had it not been for the salt.

Fast forward to January 2016, I ran the Jacksonville Marathon, I had already been training with BASE salt for 8 months and it was now a solid part of my race and training strategy. The race day was not optimal. It was chilly with nonstop rain that may or may not dissipate as the day went on. By mile 10 the rain ceased but I could feel a cramp coming on. I took one lick of BASE salt but the cramp continued. By mile 13 I was limping.

Determined to power through, I doubled up on my intake every mile. By mile 16 the cramp had evaporated. I knew my nutrition intake was scheduled for mile 17 so I added a sprinkle of salt to it and was reinvigorated! The cramping and limping dissipated and good solid running form resumed. Better still, I finished strong and did not feel trashed with minimal soreness.

More Recent Uses from Jett

I have recently tried their other products and have to say they are similar in quality, and a great addition to my training and race strategy. The Hydro is a great hydration drink, mild enough to be tolerated on a long course but tasty enough to want it. The Aminos are great for activity AND recovery. If you combine the Hydro, Aminos and Salt together you get a delicious combo called “Rocket Fuel” that’s perfect for liquid calories and recovery alike.” Don’t just listen to Jett. Listen to Susie’s Pro Tips for Successful Salt Use :

Pro Tips for Successful Salt Use

  • Fill vials no more than 1/2 full so the salt doesn’t spill out.
  • Find a good spot on your kit to hold the vials. Learn from the unfortunate experience of others and don’t place in the waistband, as accidental spillage down the shorts is especially devastating (and uncomfortable). Try to use the side pocket on tri shorts. Certain fuel belts also work great. For the bike, Velcro-ing the tube to your aerobars will provide easy handling.
  • Always tote an extra vial! Don’t let your Race Day butterfingers impair your access to the life saving salt. If you don’t end up needing it yourself, you’ll gain a lifelong friend if you give it to a foolish soul who feebly uses poor-absorbing salt pills or worse–fails to use salt at all.
  • While BASE Salt is now available on the run course of IRONMAN events, don’t wait until then to start salting! Enter the run ‘topped off” with electrolytes by taking a few licks in T1 to replenish the losses from the swim. Continue to take 2-3 licks per five miles on the bike to maintain optimal electrolyte balance (and performance).
  • Don’t stop salting after the race! Particularly for full-distance races, you will finish at least mildly dehydrated no matter how hard you try to hydrate. The American College of Sports Medicine, in fact, believe it’s better to finish a bit depleted than risk ‘water intoxication’ and/or ‘exercise associated hyponatremia’ (low sodium). Plus, you need adequate fluids to repair damage to muscles. Using electrolyes for the day post-race enables your body to absorb and utilize plenty of water rather than pee it all out.
  • Those of us that take hydration and electrolyte balance super seriously carry BASE Salt everywhere! You’ll find one in her gym bag, car, and purse. Because hydration occurs outside of training and racing too.
  • Combine with BASE Hydro and BASE Amino to create what we she calls “Rocket Fuel“–the optimal hydration source.


The experts at BASE Performance and the TriCoachGeorgia coaches encourage you to try BASE  Electrolyte Salt and check out their other variety of supplements and vitamins available on their website. With the substantial discount they have offered TriCoachGeorgia athletes, team members, and coaches as well as their full 30-day money back guarantee, they strongly encourage trying their products.

Like many other Ironman athletes, Joan Jett and the Reapers have never been let down, and, in fact, have been saved on more than one occasion. BASE will certainly remain a part of many of the team’s athletes’ training and racing, and the team will always have extra at camps, in training, and on race day. #DoYourJob with the Reapers and BASE products and you can #ReapWhatYouSow!

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