Reapers Go Roka – Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia


When Tri Coach Georgia was approached by Roka Sports to become a sponsored team, the team jumped at the chance to affiliate with one of the leading manufacturers of wetsuits, swim suits, goggles and Sim Shorts.  Like the Reapers, Roka is taking the world by storm with a full cadre of professional athletes including our favorite, and world champion, Melissa Hauschildt and many others like her.

Roka Sports and TCGa share similar views of athletes.  Both firms work to empower athletes to be the best they can be and work with all levels of athletic abilities. Both have a strong social media presence and rely on innovation and quality.

More On Roka Sports

Roka Sports began after the founders trained and competed in their first half ironman distance race.  The co founders tested many wetsuits on the market and they agreed that each one of the wetsuits had a flaw in it. Ultimately, they decided they wanted to create a wetsuit that provided the best body position, range of motion, rotation and buoyancy for triathletes.  They believed the other wetsuits on the market caused them to work too hard during the swim and burn too much energy as they entered T1.

After extensive research and design, Roka Sports released the Maverick Pro. Roka Sports believes the Maverick Pro is the fastest wetsuit on the market. They have a lot of agreement within the world of triathlon.

With the success of the Maverick Pro, Roka Sports looked at other areas of swimming where they feel they can add value to the swimmer.  They introduced the Sim Short for pool training and the Viper swim skin for non wetsuit legal triathlons. Finally, Roka Sports introduced swim goggles in 2015 and now a full line of cycling clothing that is simply amazing!

Roka Sports wants athletes to get the most out of their swim training. They believe athletes will achieve the greatest success if the swimwear the swimmer chooses is flexible, comfortable and provides for fluid movement while providing the best fit possible.

Reap What You Sow

Like when you purchase your Roka Sports swimwear, joining the Reapers of Tri Coach Georgia via coached or team member option, you can’t go wrong with the high quality items at a good price. As part of TCGa, our athletes, team members and coaches get great pricing on Roka Sports items among many other types of gear, fuel, supplements and the like.


The entire team at TCGa is excited to continue to show support for Roka Sports as they enter the water for races and ride outside. Check out Roka Sports online to see the products they offer and check us out for great camaraderie, coaching, support, and results!