Reapers Covered from Head to Toe: Welcome Swiftwick as Sponsor! – TriCoachGeorgia


The team with some of the best momentum in triathlon continues to grow and shine. has cultivated quite a cadre of affiliates and sponsors. Along with their own coffee beans from and beer from Southern Brewing Company, which perhaps no other triathlon teams have, it has been said that the misfits are now covered head to toe. In addition to things like fuels, electrolyte replacements, car magnets and decals, sunglasses and the like, they have triathlon suits from multiple providers, swim caps, athletic and casual team wear, a variety of headgear options, race belts, towels, temporary tattoos, cups, etc. Now they have a socks covered!

The nice aspect of the affiliates and sponsors is the great deals offered to team members, coached athletes, and the #TriKidsGeorgia. But even better yet, these are not your everyday schlubs; these are sponsors and affiliates that have integrity, are well respected, and stand behind their products.

Triathlete Socks are Very Important

Given the advent of specially designed sockless shoes, one can make the case that socks are not that important on short course triathlon; however, they are viewed as essential in long course triathlon. They are needed to wick moisture and to help prevent blistering, which can ruin a race if missed like it did for Coach Slayer’s Ironman Kona 2016 run. Moreover, the demands of the Southeast and other hot humid areas the Reapers train in, requires good socks to avoid feet skin problems.

Bring on Swiftwick

The team is proud to have gained team affiliate status with Brentwood, Tennessee’s socks. Swiftwick, like the Reapers, is a team of athletes who share common core values. One of the foremost values, is to craft the best socks possible. They make durable products that they are proud to represent and will defend. Swiftwick even designs socks for everyone including those that have physical special needs of some sort.


The Reapers are also thankful when an affiliate supports the good old USA. Swiftwick crafts all their socks in the USA using domestically sourced materials. In doing so, they have made a commitment to protecting the natural environment as much as possible. Their guarantee is unrivaled. If you are unsatisfied with any of their products, they will gladly work to sort you out.

Wide Range

Have a look at their website and you will see, like the Reapers again, a wide variety of offerings. From the length of the sock to the colors offered, to the level of compression, Swiftwick has options to cover everyone. They are easy to order and the socks are categorized by sport, product lines, cushioning, the firmness of the compression. They have well written blogs that help you understand their mission and their offerings. All told, it’s a can’t miss affiliation.


Once again, the Reapers are fortunate. They have signed on with an outstanding company that will help them do their jobs at a reasonable price, high quality workmanship, and a solid guarantee that will benefit their countrymen. If you want to know more about the team or Swiftwick, please reach out and you will be connected. Now #GetAfterIt so you can #ReapWhatYouSow.