Ironman Augusta 70.3 Recap 2016 – TriCoachGeorgia

Thirty-six racers, coaches, family, and friends invaded Augusta, Georgia the weekend of September 25th, all ready to take part in the annual Ironman Augusta 70.3 race. As with most years this is a huge team event for TriCoachGeorgia due to the proximity of our athlete base. Coach Spartacus (aka Brian Patterson) and Coach Godfather (aka Chad Kimbrell) went above and beyond with the welcome to all of is out of towners, setting up a big team dinner Friday evening, providing transportation to different parts of of the course, and staking our teams claim of 10th and Broad St with tables, tents, and refreshments. where we gathered as one and cheered for athletes on the run course.

The above average early fall temperatures brought about some never before changes to race day. On Sunday morning athletes arrived to find out this year’s event would not be wetsuit legal. A little bit of a shock to some, but the Savannah River current was still flowing strong. No fear or concern shown with any of the TCGa athletes as they made the necessary adjustments and got ready to DO THEIR JOB’S! By the time they all hit the run course the heat index was close to 98 degrees, and the suffering began. We couldn’t be more proud of our athletes and how they faced down these conditions. All 36 started the race, and all of them finished. There was no quit shown in this crew. No matter how fast or slow, they continued to move forward to hear their names called as they crossed the line.

A special shout out and recognition to the following athletes who not only overcame the difficult weather circumstances, but qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga next year:

Jarhead (aka James Miller)
KO (aka Robyn Wodzenski Wilham)
Emanboom (aka Estevan Price)
Judas Priest (aka Judith Garrard)
Hurricane Sandy (aka Sandra Murphy)