Defunkify Welcomed as Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia

The team with some of the best momentum in triathlon continues to grow and shine. has cultivated a number of affiliates and sponsors. It has been said that the team of misfits are covered from head to toe, but what should you do to get the funky smell out of exercise clothes. TriCoachGeorgia is pleased to announce our newest sponsor to help with the question, how can I get my clothes smelling better?

The team found the answer in the newest sponsor defunkify. Defunkify created revolutionary fabric-cleaning and deodorizing products to help solve this issue. Defunkify brought together a small group of scientists, inventors and chemists who were able to look closely at the fibers in clothes to understand what was happening with the clothes when we sweat. Through their relationship with the University of Oregon, the company had access to the most state of the art technology and tools and created this product. They tested their products on athlete’s clothes in Track Town USA. They were able to refine their products until they had the desired results.

Once again, the Reapers are fortunate. They have signed on with an outstanding company that will help them do their jobs at a reasonable price. If you want to know more about the team or defunkify, please reach out and you will be connected. Now #GetAfterIt so you can #ReapWhatYouSow.

Reapers can earn 20% off all products at (free shipping if order is over $25).