Taper and Tall Pines Madness – May 2015 – TriCoachGeorgia

TriCoachGeorgia is just now starting to hit our stride. Races are coming fast and furious for the youth and adults on the team. Training is in full swing for many too. This weekend may seem a bit light as many of us are facing our hardest taper week, but next weekend all hell breaks loose with Ironman TexasIronman Chattanooga 70.3Xterra Southeast ChampionshipsAmerican TTT, Marigold 10k as part of the Winterville, Ga Marigold Festival, etc.

Our number one race this weekend is a two part slug fest at Clarks Hill Lake in Lincolnton, Georgia. There we will race the Go Race Productions, two Tall Pines events. There is an olympic distance on Saturday and the Sprint distance triathlon on Sunday. We really jammed out last year at both races and stamped our place in the Georgia Tri Series history books.

Some of the folks racing the olympic distance included IronMouse aka Amy Peavy-Smith finally getting to race after her previous cancelled one, BigBen aka Richard Nasser in a tune up for Choo 70.3 next week. Also we saw former team members Hurricane Sandee the racing machine and TTT, aka Todd N, just getting back on the course. We have Ironmouse for the double, the Slayer girls, including DocSlay, RedVenger, and Jr. Slayer, as well as Harry from the youth team.

For both races, conditions were rough in the swim and the heat really picked up on the run, but we seemed to fight through it. Results for theSaturday olympic went very well as expected. Mouse with a first in age group and Big Ben with a second in age group and a blistering run. Hurricane was first overall woman. TTT ran into some problems with his swim.

On the sprint, TTT bounced back for a big race. Mouse was back on the podium, and Harry, and every one of the Slayers were first in AG. Number 14, Simon and Jim Casey also came in as first relay team! Hurricane won overall female again and Go Race put on another wonderful set of races with all mothers recognized. It was great to see Ingo, Rolling Thunder aka Troy Garland, and Coaches Slayer and Spartacus out in support, along with a lot of family and friends.

Also on Sunday, the team had Darsh Vader (Cook) take on the Mother’s Day 13.1 in Dacula, Ga. The entire course ran on a wide paved road through a gorgeous and scenic park. Darsh had a blast on the 3 loops and an out-and-back to make up mileage. Her run progress is evident almost daily. Augusta 70.3 won’t stand a chance!

With another great week in the books, the team turns to a huge weekend of racing! Time to #DoOurJob #ReapWhatWeSow so we can #PartyInTheUSA!

Smell the Wildflower – weekly summary May 2015 TriCoachGeorgia

You can’t have every weekend packed out with races and big swims or rides. Although we have had a packed out schedule lately, we are facing a relatively lighter one this weekend. Still there is plenty of action, and we have a huge month of May on the way!

Starting off for us this week, Young Stud, Cullen, takes on Wildflower, an Olympic-distance (1.5 km / 40 km / 10 km) race in Central California, where he’s at school Cal-Poly. According to common internet sources, Wildflower is known for a particularly hard, hilly and technical course. It is one of the largest triathlon events in the world, with 7,500 athletes and 30,000 spectators attending each year. Traditionally it is associated with a Wildflower festival, though in recent years the festival has been eclipsed by the increasingly large athletic event.

Next we had Terminator, Dr. Dick Thompson, and Alan W. of Jittery Joes Watkinsville, Ga take on a 5k. Terminator works towards Ironman Louisville and Alan works towards a 10k PR at the Winterville Marigold 10k later this month. Terminator scored a 1st in Age group and Alan banged out a 2nd OA on a very tough downtown course. Terminator came back out later in the evening and won another AG too at the Dacula Revolution Glow Run. More impressive was the fact that, in his late 60’s, he still had to compete in the 50 and over group.

Earlier in the morning we had Judas Priest racing again. She is happy and healthy again and came in with a sub30 time! This was good for 1st place AG at the Fiesta 5k Run For ALS. This was a very special race for her and we were all pleased after her difficult year last year before she joined us.

Continuing a trend of late, we also have youth racing Georgia and in Florida. Both states look to hold great races worthy of some travel. We also had some endurance events participants racing nearby.

First off, several TriKidsGa were in Rome for the Tri for the Kids Triathlon. According to their webpage, the 7th Annual Tri for the Kids Triathlon was a sure bet for a great, safe, fun and competitive race for youth that was held on Darlington School’s campus for youth ages 6–15. Jack placed 1st place Elite Division, Simon 2nd place Elite Division, and Luke 4th place! Simon’s mother said she wished she had a video of his finish- NEVER has he moved like that!

Secondly, we have more TriKidsGa racing the The First Coast Kids Triathlon. According to their website, this event was held at Everbank Field in beautiful, downtown Jacksonville on the banks of the St. Johns River, and it will become the first triathlon ever to finish inside an NFL stadium. The center of all the action will be the Pepsi Zone on the South End of the stadium. Issac scored a 2nd in age group and Callie Rose faced her bike fears to bring it in 7th in age group. Jack and Addie had great days too, coming in 2nd and 4th in a stacked elite field!

Thirdly, while Coach Spartacus was a volunteer course marshal, Hurricane Sandee did a 3 mile swim and 50k at the Wildwood Games in Appling, Ga as she progresses to Kona for the Ironman World Championship in Fall. This is her second time competing there.

Finally, BreakingBad, aka John Dunavant, took on the full century ride at Chattanooga, Tn. This ride took him up and down 3 Mountains Century — Suck Creek, Sand and Lookout, in 3 states – Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. Riders left Chattanooga and headed north. He is on his way to Ironman Coeur D’Alene and this should help give him some confidence for the task at hand. We now move on to races around Mother’s Day including a double race “Tall Pines” via our Georgia Triathlon Series and directed by Go Race Productions!

All Over the Place April 2015 – Tri Coach Georgia

First off the team welcomes new athletes even at this point in the year. As mentioned before, we were pleased to add the Mad Hatter, Michelle from Colorado, and now we add Julie R. from Pooler. The team that trains hard keeps racing well!

Coming off a great winter or “off-season” where we won the overall division and bike and run months in the USAT NCC Challenge, TriCoachGeorgia and TriKidsGeorgia were poised for a huge season of racing. The team has been simply crushing races all around the country this year so far.  We have raced from Boston to New Orleans, Charleston to Oklahoma City, and often in and around the Southeast USA. This weekend was no different.

We started off the weekend with a terrible lightning storm. Initially, the team set up with the Chattahoochee Challenge 70.3 in Columbus, Ga, the home of Coach Kim Hargrove and her husband Wes. DocSlay, aka Julie Gayer, and IronMouse, aka Amy Peavy-Smith, were there to test their fitness out. Each were bummed to learn the race was cancelled due to awful weather.

In contrast, at John Tanner sprint tri in West Ga, the race was able to be pulled off after a postponement and All3Eedee knocked it down! Likewise, the Xterra went down in some terrible conditions but Todd H. wore out the course after a great night partying!

Back in Athens, Ga some of the youth and adults participated in the Athens Criterium weekend, which has cycling as the centerpiece, as in the Gambler group ride, but also a nice 5k called Athens Twilight 5k. Strong performances were delivered by several team members throughout the weekend. For example, podiums were garnered by family members from the Hayes and Duncan families. PRs to Ethan and others too!

Also, FC, aka Cj O’Mara, went 2nd AG with a massive PR as he comes back from kidney cancer! He’s our next year entry in USAT’s comeback of the year award challenge.

Next up was the Gainesville Park and Recreation Sprint and Supersprint triathlon in Gainesville, Ga. Many of the youth team and their parents went there and demonstrated great skills and sportsmanship, winning big in the game of life. We saw brilliance from Jr. Tax Dr. and Hatchet Jack S. in the sprint and Simon and Luke in the Youth race!

Down south of the State of Ga. was Judas Priest, aka Judith Garrard, who took on West Point Lake Olympic Triathlon in her quest to race and finish Ironman Raleigh 70.3 and Ironman Maryland in 2015, and Tom H., TomTom for #TeamHargrove kids, who did the sprint. Judas Priest and TomTom thrilled us all with sparkling results!  Even further South in St. Augustine, Ingo, dropped a 5th in Division at St. Anthony’s triathlon!

We can’t leave out Speedy Gonzalez’ son J, who rocked his first 5k in Virginia too! We also had Big Ben, aka Richard Nasser, back out on the race course this weekend! Less than one week off Boston marathon, he paced his friend to a solid race at the Evans Ga 13.1.

The final racer for the team this weekend was Gruesome, aka Dr. Lisa Harrington, who took on the Oklahoma City 13.1 half marathon. She is trusting the process and rebuilding her run to top notch levels and had a day to remember!

All told, another brilliant weekend for the team that everybody wants to join. The kids race again this weekend and Watch for the ongoing growth of the team and our positive outcomes!



Go Big: April 70.3 Weekend – TriCoachGeorgia

The early spring racing continues full throttle for the team this weekend. We have athletes racing in Georgia, South Carolina, New Orleans, and Boston!

We started with Running Through History 5k in Andersonville, Ga where Rollling Thunder aka Troy Garland broke into 8th place overall! His running continues to progress in his chase for 2x 70.3 this season.

Next up we went to TryCharleston, SC. There we had a 10 minute PR for McGritty, despite a loss of her shoe in the mud, and the first OWS triathlon for her hubby, Paul. Hurricane Sandee pounded out an overall female podium too. Feedback from the racers was very positive for this muddy wet course described as:

The TryCharleston Half and Sprint triathlons are moving into their sixth year after finding the perfect solution in year 3 for this point to point event. This course is flat and fast starting with a one-loop swim is held at the KOA campground lake in Mt. Pleasant, SC and will be wetsuit legal. The one-loop bike will take participants on a journey around the area on flat, mostly smooth roads with lots of brand new pavement. The 5K mile run will be out and back in nature on paved running trails within the Park West Development.

Saturday morning also brought out the best in the youth and their parents as well as Brittney E. Thanks to team mom Jessica Casey, who organized the race for all of the kids, they all took on the 13.1 from Chik Fil A in Athens Ga and did wonderful, showing off their hard earned fitness. 5 relay teams of 3 TriKidsGa each did amazing and inspired grown ups all day long. We heard so many positive statements made about their sportsmanship and fitness.

Coach BigBad‘s Brittney also raced strong and so did youth team member Nico’s father, Diego, another team mother, Kelly W., and several others. The youth team followed it up with a trip to Steak and Shake for a huge recovery meal where the smiles were abundant!

Next up, TeamHargrove, including Coach KimPossible and Taz, and new team athlete Michelle H., took on Ironman New Orleans 70.3 in their first triathlons for the team. Sadly, Tax Slayer, Coach Slayer (injury), and Longman (family), could not join them, but nonetheless, the Hargroves and Michelle were poised, prepared and pumped to do well. Weather was very sketchy and the race was postponed a half hour. Temps got up to mid 80’s for the race and humidity was 60%.

All three athletes swam very well, biked perfectly and negatively split their runs. This was textbook racing by mature athletes with wisdom well beyond their age. Uniform praise was offered. Consider being coached by someone like KimPossible who trains and races in a efficient fashion!

Next up was the famous Boston Marathon for BigBen, aka Richard Nasser. He has largely overcome a terrible TBI in a year’s time. Several national and local news outlets carried his story. His race went super and he came in at 3:10 then proposed to his long term girlfriend “the Glue”, Ali Hale, who accepted. They will live happily ever after!

Now the team turns to South Georgia for the Chattahoochie Challenge 70.3 in Columbus Ga and the West Point Lake Olympic distance triathlon as we wrap up a stellar April. Also, we head up to Gainesville, Ga for more triathlons, and to Oklahoma City 13.1 for road racing. Athens, Ga holds a big Twilight weekend of cycling and road racing too that we intend to shine at. Bring it on!


Racing the Tony Serrano Charity Bike Century – April 11, 2015 TriCoachGeorgia

Last weekend, the team had a very active weekend. Several of the athletes rode in the Tony Serrano charity bike century in Northeast Georgia. This temperature was chilly to start but soon warmed up. This course is described as gently rolling, scenic back roads of Walton, Morgan and Oconee counties for routes of 10, 37, 62 and 100 miles. The “Best Rest Stops Ever” are included in this ride and provided by the Rest Stop Queen, Joyce Jones.

Tri Coach Georgia 2015 Early Bird Triathlon Video

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”wd9CMYdov9s&index=4&list=0&rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

Several athletes, including Speedy Gonzalez in from Virginia for the weekend, did the full century. We had athletes in from Atlanta and Athens as well.

Sadly there was a pile up in the front group and Coach Slayer went down in a ditch after an armadillo scurried out from the side of the road. This led to his fractured pelvis and ribs, as well as a concussion. The outpouring of support from our team and others in the triathlon, cycling, and running communities has been amazing and we are all glad that his prognosis is optimistic after a period of convalescence.

Saturday night was brilliant time to get together. The team had a night out at Buffalo’s in Athens and had plenty of good food and drink, but, more importantly, laughs. Early to bed then early to rise.

Sunday morning, the team further descended upon Coach BigBad and Slayer’s hometown of Athens Ga for the Early Bird Sprint Triathlon at the University of Georgia (UGA), This is one of the Georgia Triathlon series from Go Race productions who we are closely affiliated with. Crisp MacDonald is the race director and he welcomes us all, youth and adult members.

The youth team provided some on course excitement with relays, mixed relays and several of the older group racing the full sprint triathlon. Results were uniformly strong and they worked out some early season bugs and cleaned up the younger podiums for the race.

Likewise, the adults from the team, who had come in from Augusta, Virginia, Atlanta, and Watkinsville, showed up very well as the video from Viper indicates. Judas Priest volunteered and the youth parents were all over the course along with a visit from the recovering Coach Slayer. Coach BigBad was on course as well. All told, it was a great reminder of how strong the team has become, how well trained they are, even during the early part of the season, and how good sportsman the team is from the youngest athletes to our most senior!

Now we move onto another huge weekend of racing in the Southeast and Northeast. #DoYourJob #ReapWhatYouSow




Augusta 70.3 Camp Recap

July 13-14, 2013

We held our annual Augusta Ironman 70.3 camp about two months before this year’s race to help inform, educate and train many of the race’s athletes. Despite heavy rain that made it impossible to swim in the Savannah River, we had a great turnout with about 60 athletes at this year’s event.

We’d like to thank all of those who participated, especially the many enthusiastic and welcoming members of the Augusta Triathlon Club, and give another shout-out to the event’s many sponsors; including the Augusta Sports CouncilPeak Rehabilitation, Fitness and Performance CenterAll3SportsGeneration UCANOutspokin’ BicyclesWells Fargo Home Mortgage and Fusion Sports USA. For those who attended, don’t forget to visit our sponsors for some great deals.

Here are a few recaps of the weekend.
“A dream training weekend!” – Virginia at Swim Bike Kid
“Just what everyone needed!” –  Devon at TriDevil_DK  
“It was a great weekend. Thank you guys so much for the hospitality. It was great!” – Mark Nelson, Orange Park, Florida – via Facebook

We look forward to seeing a new crop of attendees next year!

Below is a recap of the weekend camp agenda.



  • WHAT: Camp Registration followed by lectures on training, race prep, course tips, nutrition, lab testing, injury prevention and rehab. In addition to course prep talks from TriCoachGeorgia.com coaches, we’ll have representatives from All3Sports, Peak Performance, the Augusta Sports Council and Outspokin’ Bicycles on hand to speak with camp attendees and answer questions. We will also be distributing participant swag bags and raffle tickets for a variety of giveaways throughout the weekend.
  • WHEN: 8 am
  • WHERE: Peak Rehabilitation, Fitness and Performance Center.
    1305 D’Antignac St, Augusta, GA 30901
  • FOOD:A light breakfast (bagels, fruit, juice, coffee) will be provided
  • PARKING: At the Peak Performance Lab, located 2.4 miles from the Augusta Boathouse transition area.

BIKE COURSE PREVIEW RIDE (SAG provided by All3Sports)

  • WHAT: We’ll have 3 different Pace Groups and 2 ride-length options (56 miles and 45 miles).
  • PACE GROUPS: Led by TriCoachGeorgia.com coaches and TriAugusta team members.
  • FULL-COURSE options:
    15-16 mph or below (3:30 +)
    17-18 mph (3:15 – 3:30)
    19-20 mph. +  (2:45 – 3:00)
  • 45-MILE option (We will have a TriCoachGeorgia coach or a local TriAugusta team member available to help lead this shorter route at whatever pace you want. There will only be ONE group for this option.)
  • WHEN: 11 am start
  • WHERE: 101 Riverfront Drive Augusta, GA 30901
    Start at Augusta boathouse/Transition area (You can ride to the boathouse from Peak offices or drive your car over and park in the lot.)
    *NOTE: The ride will be supported by an All3Sports van, staffed by store employees. We are grateful to have them along!


After the bike ride, we will have an optional brick run. It will be HOT. Water will be supplied for all runners by All3Sports. We also hope to have other hydration choices. If you have a specific beverage of choice, plan to bring your own hydration.

DINNER/SOCIAL MEET & GREET (presented by Augusta Wells Fargo Home Mortgage)
If you have selected to join the group for dinner/drinks.

  • WHAT: Dinner with TriCoachGeorgia coaches and TriAugusta team members. WHEN: 6:00 PM
  • WHERE: Crums on Central
    1855 Central Ave, Augusta, GA 30904
  • DETAILS: We will have a private room with a fixed-price menu.
  • PARKING: On street or in the rear of restaurant. (You have to drive between two buildings to access the rear parking lot.) If possible, please carpool.
  • MENU: (This is the REALLY GOOD part!)
  • APPETIZERS AND DRINKS (provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and TriCoachGeorgia)
    Lemon Hummus, Olive Tapenade, Small Herb Salad, Wood Fired Pizza, Domestic beer and wine
  • ENTREES (paid for by attendee) $20, not including tax or gratuity.
    Pork Pasta – In house smoked pulled pork in a rustic garlic cream sauce. With smoked tomatoes, carmalized onions and arugula.
    12 oz Ribeye – Served with garlic whipped mashed potatoes and asparagus
    Organic Chicken Breast – pan roasted and served with wild rice and sauteed seasonal veggies.



    WHAT: Open water swim in Augusta area. Details to follow.
    WHEN: 8 AM start with full kayak support.
    WHERE: Directions to follow


  • WHAT: Run workouts (1 loop or 2 loops) with 3 pace groups led by TriCoachGeorgia.com coaches and TriAugusta team members.
    2:45-3:00+  (12-15 min/mile+)
    2:30 (11 min/mile)
    2:00 (9 min/mile)
  • WHEN: 9 am start after swim
  • WHERE: Augusta Boathouse Transition area
    101 Riverfront Drive
    Augusta, GA 30901Get ready to Do Your Job!
    – The TriCoachGeorgia Team