Triathlon Camps

Camps are the perfect way to learn how to race your event. Supplement your months of hard work and dedication by familiarizing the course knowledge necessary to maximize your performance times. By training on the actual course you can absorb a sense of expectations and develop a precise strategy on when and where to conserve energy as well as when and where to let loose and unleash the fury.


Programs & Directives

Swim Training

  • Training on the race day swim course; getting to know the swim start as well as the swim exit
  • The key to success is the right technique
  • Orientation in the water – the shortest way to the finish line

Bike Training

  • Training on the race day bike course – Know your strengths: to know where to push hard and where to sit back a little often decides victory or defeat. Learn to use your individual abilities on the course!
  • Nutrition and liquid intake during the bike stage –Where are the aid stations? Which products are offered?
  • Where can I save energy and where can I gain an edge over my co-competitors?
  • Analysis of danger spots to avoid crashes
  • Bike trouble like flat tire – self-help or official bike service?

Run Training

  • Training on the race day run course – No time for excuses! Now is the time to finish successfully!
  • The next time you race here, the crowd will carry you to the finish line!
  • Nutrition and liquid intake during the run stage – proper energy intake as crucial success factor
  • Finish line – a dream come true! (shower, nutrition, bike check-out)

Transition Training

  • How to work on the so-called “fourth discipline” – the transition
  • Getting to know the race day course transition area – swim exit, transition, bike exit


Current Triathlon Camps


Past Triathlon Camps