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Best Motivation Tips for Triathlon and Endurance by Coach Angel K aka Coach Kara Sasser


Want to Feel Motivated to Work Out Every Single Day?

Well too bad, my friend. Motivation comes and goes. All the Instagram fitness inspiration posts in the world can’t make it happen. You need something a little more reliable to keep you nailing workouts week in and week out. That tool does exist! It’s called HABIT.
So how do you wield this powerful tool? Why have you not been successful building a consistent workout habit in the past? It does require a little more thought and planning than most people realize. Here are some tips to get you started developing a strong, healthy habit.

Be specific in your planning

To truly reach your full athletic potential you have to have a plan. Whether you hire a coach to tailor one specifically to your goals or you find a generic one online, a plan is essential. Once you know exactly what your workout will be each day, look at your calendar. Plan when and where you will do it each day. Don’t treat it as a negotiable activity. Have your gear ready to go where it needs to be. Will life get in the way on occasion? Of course. But if it happens frequently you need to re-evaluate your schedule to figure out why.

Don’t let your workouts intimidate you

It’s not a bad thing to feel nervous about speedwork or a really long bike ride. It means you care. You want to do your best and are afraid that won’t be good enough. Let me reassure you, whatever you have to give that day will be just fine. Show up and the rest will sort itself out.

Don’t ask yourself if you “feel” like working out

Are you sick, injured or overly exhausted from your training load*? Don’t workout. Any other reason? Get to work. No the pool doesn’t often sound great on a cold dark morning. Lacing up your running shoes after a stressful day at work might be the last thing you feel like doing. Do it anyway. Get out of the mindset of treating workouts as a choice you have to make. You’ve already made the choice. You have a fitness goal. It’s on the plan- do it. You’ll feel better when you’re done.

Don’t overdo your workouts*

If you have an easy run on your schedule do not sprint hills instead. Enthusiasm is great, but if you’re trying to wring 110% out of your body every single day not only will you burn out, you’ll see reduced fitness gains. A quick way to derail your habit. A solid training plan involves days of active recovery. Take your easy days easy.

Give it some time

Habits are not built overnight. You will have to really think and plan for the first few weeks to get the ball rolling. Once your habits are established however, you’ll see what difference consistency makes. Motivation is just a feeling. Habits make reality.

Kara Sasser is a USAT Certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach. Find her and her motley crew of sweaty misfits at , or