4 Thoughts for Off Season Training by Coach Spartacus – Brian Patterson – TriCoachGeorgia

Most of us are in the off season. There may be a 5k, 10k, MTB, cross race or the like out there but the triathlon race season is essentially over until 2016 which makes this a great time to focus on enlarging the aerobic engine through base (zone 2) training and muscular strength development. The coaches, athletes and team members of Tri Coach Georgia will also be competing in the USAT National Challenge Competition to defend our Division IV title and also as a means to focus our base training to ready us for 2016! Consider joining an NCC team to build your base!!

This post will be the first in a series of thoughts about how to approach your off season.  Below is an outline of what’s to come.

The next post is very specific to base training. You don’t want to miss finding your zone.

4 Thoughts for Off Season Training


  1. Find your zone

    • Lab test
    • Field test
    • Mathematical calculation
  2. Train in zone 2 at a minimum of twice a week

    • Boring training, reality check
    • Huge aerobic benefit
    • Train for the correct length of time
  3. Strength train to improve weaknesses and imbalances

    • Shoulder girdle
    • Pelvic girdle
    • Core
  4. NCC – commit a month to swim, a month to bike and a month to run

    • NCC swim – December
    • NCC bike – January
    • NCC run – February