Xterra Welcomed as Proud New Sponsor of TriCoachGeorgia

TCGa partners with Xterra Wetsuits for Value Option



As the worst team in triathlon and endurance sports’ focus turns to 2018, the team continues to quickly grow against all odds and to cultivate relationships throughout the endurance sport industry. This rapidly developing team born in Georgia and with athletes throughout North America and Europe is pleased to announce another new sponsor with a great reputation in the industry. Reaper nation wants to welcome Xterra Wetsuits as the team of misfits’ newest sponsor.

Xterra Wetsuits and TriCoachGeorgia (TCGa) strive to have athletes be the best they can be and both work with athletes of all abilities. Both firms can be found throughout many social media platforms and rely on delivering value and results to help athletes be the best they can be. By doing so, both seem to attract a ton of new athletes while creating loyalty from their existing ones.

More on Xterra Wetsuits

Xterra Wetsuits was born in San Diego, the birthplace of triathlon. According to their website, with unparalleled design, they strive to offer the highest performing wetsuit at the best value in the industry. As a global leader in triathlon wetsuits, Xterra Wetsuits provide speed, comfort, durability and buoyancy for dedicated triathletes. When someone purchases a wetsuit from Xterra, he or she is getting it directly from them which means lower prices for their high performing triathlon wetsuits with quick, personalized, friendly and excellent customer service. Many of TCGa’s athletes are already using Xterra products.

Reap What You Sow

When you purchase your Xterra Wetsuit and when you join the Reapers of TriCoachGeorgia, you will get high quality items at a very good price. As part of the TCGa family athletes and team members receive 60% off wetsuits and 55% off inflatable paddleboards as well as discounts on other types of gear, fuel, supplements and more. As noted before, TCGa’s affiliations and sponsorship cover their athletes from head to toe in all three endurance disciplines.


The entire team at TCGa is excited to continue to show support for their high quality affiliates and sponsors, now including Xterra Wetsuits, as they enter the water for their multisport races. #DoYourJob and check out Xterra Wetsuits online to see the products they offer and look into TCGa for great coaching, support, camaraderie and results. The team would love to see you join them at their training camp, or become a team member or coached athlete. You, too, can suck like them while having fun, finishing strong, getting distance and time PR’s, and qualifying for big races!