Reaper Roasts Emerge, Dark and Light! – TriCoachGeorgia

TriCoachGeorgia Continues Their Progress is a triathlon team based in Athens, Georgia, and other areas of Georgia and South Carolina, with athletes as far as England, Oklahoma, and California. The Reapers, as they are referred to, are also called a bunch of misfits because of their wide range of athletes. However they all share core principles of not quitting when the going is rough, consistent efforts, lots of socializing and laughs, and service to their communities and sport.

Jittery Joe’s Joins Forces with the Reapers For The Kids #FTK

This latter aspect is shared with the good folks at Jittery Joe’s Coffee, who love to give back. By developing and purchasing special roasted beans from the Jittery Joe’s Roaster, you have helped to support the free youth-based triathlon team, TriKidsGeorgia. TriCoachGeorgia focuses on coaching this youth team to develop healthy multisport lifestyles all year long at no cost to their families.

Dark and Light Options

According to the Jittery Joe’s Coffee website, there is a reason for their success. This lies in the fact that, although their “hands on approach to roasting coffee may take more time, (they) think your taste buds will appreciate the effort.” They also “believe that their extensive roasting know-how, combined with the freshness and superior quality of our beans, will ultimately provide you with the best cup of coffee out there.

To come up with a palatable yet distinct flavor for the Reaper Roasts, the team leaned heavily on Jittery Joe’s master roaster, Charlie Mustard. He decided on a popular blend for the Light version similar to the medium house blend. This one has more caffeine content than the Dark. For the Dark version, which has more robust flavor, Charlie tweaked the brand’s popular French Roast with some subtle flavors.

Art Work

As you can see by the cans, the art work on the front and back is unique too. Designer of the popular website, Flynn Kaplan of DoggHouse Productions, put together some knockout designs that are sure to be collectibles and great for display.


Like a good cup of coffee, this exquisite and affordable product, which is purely made for the kids’ (and your) benefit, is warmly received. The TriKidsGeorgia will benefit in a variety of ways and the team hopes that you will place many orders over time.

#DoYourJob and send paypal for 15$ per can or 2 for 28$ to [email protected] specifying if you want Light or Dark and your mailing address if shipping is needed. Larger orders can be accommodated as well. Shipping is 5$ per can additional if you can not pick up in Athens or have it dropped off.