Augusta 70.3 Training Camp

     Join athletes from around the country for a weekend of training for the Intermedix IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta from August 8th – 10th.

 The Augusta half iron training camp is an intensive on-course training weekend. TriCoachGeorgia coaches, all of whom are familiar with the course, will be providing tips, insights, local knowledge and on course training advice to prepare you for the weekend camp as well as focus your race prep to specific nuances of racing this course. Peak Rehabilitation, Fitness and Performance Lab and their Physical Therapists will also provide lectures on topics ranging from lab testing for metabolic efficiency, VO2 max and lactate testing, to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The camp will begin with an optional pre-camp training session on Friday at 3 pm with a river swim, a ride and/or a run – specific details will be finalized soon.

The official camp will begin at Peak Rehabilitation and Performance Saturday morning, August 9that 7:30 am with a light breakfast and some short lectures on course tips, tricks and local knowledge of the race venue as well as for venues similar to the terrain of Augusta. Participants will then move to the half iron T1/T2 area and begin with a kayak/canoe supported river swim followed by a run on the actual course. There will be an optional river recovery swim after everyone completes the run portion. Saturday evening will include a social hour and dinner. On Sunday, August 10th the bike ride portion of the 70.3 course will take place and the camp officially ends at the conclusion of the bike ride. Learn more at and register here.


  • This day is an OPTIONAL, self-supported training day. Pair up with some new friends and get some training in!




  • WHAT: Camp Registration followed by lectures on training, race prep, course tips, nutrition, lab testing, injury prevention and rehab. In addition to course prep talks from coaches, we’ll have representatives from All3Sports, Peak Performance and the Augusta Sports Council on hand to speak with camp attendees and answer questions. We will also be distributing participant swag bags and raffle tickets for a variety of giveaways throughout the weekend.
  • WHEN: 7:30 am
  • WHERE: Peak Rehabilitation, Fitness and Performance Center.
    1305 D’Antignac St, Augusta, GA 30901
  • FOOD:A light breakfast (bagels, fruit, juice, coffee) will be provided
  • PARKING: At the Peak Performance Lab, located 2.4 miles from the Augusta Boathouse transition area.



  • Savannah River swim
    WHAT: Kayak/canoe-supported swim on race’s actual swim course
    WHEN: Following morning lectures.
    WHERE: Augusta Boathouse
    101 Riverfront Drive Augusta, GA 30901

After the swim, we will organize groups runs of the race’s actual run course. It will be HOT. Water will be supplied for all runners. We also hope to have other hydration choices. If you have a specific beverage of choice, plan to bring your own hydration.


  • WHAT: Run workouts (1 loop or 2 loops) with 3 pace groups led by coaches and TriAugusta Triathlon Club members.
    2:45-3:00+  (12-15 min/mile+)
    2:30 (11 min/mile)
    2:00 (9 min/mile)
  • WHEN: 11 am start after swim
  • WHERE: Augusta Boathouse Transition area
    101 Riverfront Drive

(If you have selected to join the group for dinner/drinks.)

  • WHAT: Dinner with TriCoachGeorgia coaches and TriAugusta team members.
  • WHEN: 6:00 PM
  • DETAILS: We will have a private room with a fixed-price menu.





  • WHAT: We’ll have several different Pace Groups and 2 ride-length options (63 miles and 28 miles). Since we are staring at Fat Man’s Cafe, there is a few miles of additional riding.
  • PACE GROUPS: Led by coaches and TriAugusta Triathlon Club members.
  • FULL-COURSE options:
    15-16 mph or below (3:30 +)
    17-18 mph (3:15 – 3:30)
    19-20 mph. +  (2:45 – 3:00)
  • 28-MILE option (We will have a TriCoachGeorgia coach or a local TriAugusta Triathlon Club member available to help lead this shorter route at whatever pace you want. There will only be ONE group for this option.)
  • WHEN: 7:30 am start
  • WHERE: Fat Man’s Cafe at Enterprise Mill, 1450 Greene Street, Augusta GA 30901
    *NOTE: The ride will be supported by an All3Sports van, staffed by store employees. We are grateful to have them along!

Ironman Chattanooga Training Camp Weekend


Click this LINK to visit the Facebook page with camp details etc.

This day is an OPTIONAL, self-supported training day. Pair up with some new friends and get some training in!  See FB link above to introduce yourselves to others who are coming out for the weekend.



Chattanooga Open Water Swim Association hosts the U.S. Masters Swimming 2.4 Mile Open Water National Championship

  • WHAT: Open Water Swim event
  • WHEN:  9 am check-in. Swim heats start at 11 am
  • WHERE: Tenneesee River Downtown Chattanooga Waterfront at Coolidge Park – 150 River St Chattanooga, TN 36405 USA


  • WHAT: Preview of the run course following Open Water Swim event. We will have nutrition/fueling samples from UCan and possibly other companies for campers to test.
  • WHEN: 3 pm  (shortly after the swim awards)
  • WHERE: Meet at grassy area in front of Cold Stone Creamery 100 Chestnut St, Chattanooga, TN 


  • WHAT: Group social and dinner
  • WHEN: 6:30
  • WHERE: Big River Grille Downtown – 222 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN  Phone: 423-267-2739.



  • WHAT: IM Chattanooga-specific racing/training information from and other Southeast U.S.-area coaches
  • WHEN:  8 am – lectures (parking lot TBD).
    9 am  – group ride (options of one or two loops with multiple group leaders of various paces).
  • WHAT: We are planning to have 3 different Pace Groups and 2 primary ride-length options (67 miles and 112 miles. There is also an 22-mile out/back option). See map link here and here. We are planning to have water placed at the Hog Jowl turn (approx. Mile 40), but to be sure, plan on self-supporting your ride.
  • PACE GROUPS: Led by coaches and other local riders/coaches.
  • WHERE: Bi-Lo parking lot. 3801 Tennessee Ave, Chattanooga, TN

POST-RIDE BRICK RUN: (swag provided by

  • WHAT: After the ride, we will have an optional self-supported brick run. It will be HOT. Dasani water will be supplied for all runners. If you have a specific beverage of choice, plan to bring your own hydration.

Come Join Us For the Georgia Triathlon Series by Setup Events

We at are very excited to be a part of the 2014 Georgia Triathlon Series from Setup Events as a one of the coaching partners! We are a relatively newer coaching firm and team on our 3rd season now but we have experienced phenomenal results in this short time frame. Thus our roster, online presence, Augusta 70.3 and now IMCHOO camps, and training sessions have grown accordingly. We hope you will take advantage of our free 8 week static training plans for the series and we are free to answer questions for you about training and racing online or in person at the races.

Hopefully, you will join us and be able to have results like Seth Waltman aka the TaxSlayer, one of our athletes. Let him tell you about his transformation from couch potato to Half Ironman and his pursuit of Ironman this year

[image position=”left” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”0″ url=”×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″/]

“I approached Tri Coach Georgia coach, Dr. Harvey “Slayer” Gayer, in December 2012 to ask him if he could train me to be able to finish the Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman race. After our interview, he said he would be able to get me through the finish with a smile on my face. I weighed 207 pounds at the time. I am 5’8″ and at the time was in terrible shape.

I received my first workout on December 28, 2012. It was for a 20 minute run and a short swim. I ran 1.67 miles that day. As time went on, I got stronger and my workouts improved. I was losing a lot of weight and I was getting faster and able to complete longer workouts. You can see by my before and after photos what a drastic change I made and have maintained.

With the success that I was having in my training, Coach Slayer started to talking to me about how he thought I could complete a full Ironman. This was a couple of months before I had even completed Augusta. In September 2013, I signed up for IM Chattanooga and IM New Orleans 70.3 before competing in Augusta. I completed Augusta in 5:39 which was faster than both of us thought I would finish the race and at a weight of 166 pounds (down over 40lbs!). I really enjoyed the race and knew that with the proper training I would be able to complete Chattanooga, too.

Coach Slayer is my coach and he is my friend. I could not have found a better coach for me. All of the coaches are the same kind of people. You can’t go wrong with them. Join me and the team at LaGrange for the sprint tri as we start the series off right!”