Coach BlackHeart

Carrie Giordano

Instagram: @flatbroke_triathlete
Twitter: @flatbroke_triathlete

Coach Blackheart is a Georgia native, wife and mother to 2 boys. She is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast based out of North Atlanta. Carrie is passionate about all aspects of sport from endurance athletics to functional strength training as a personal trainer. As a coach she is a relentless motivator, encouraging athletes to reach their goals healthy and with the same enthusiasm and fervor they had when they signed up for their race.

Her triathlon journey came after the birth of her second son when she knew she wanted a lifestyle change. Carrie was a soccer player for much of her youth and wanted to get back to a competitive, athletic state. Weight loss was a huge motivator, but just leading a healthy life to make an example for her infant children was her number one priority. A couple friends were doing a sprint triathlon a few months down the road, after inquiry. Upon crossing that finish line, Carrie was bitten by the bug. Forty pounds, multiple road races, 3 marathons and 5 half ironman distance races later, she knew her calling was to coach and motivate athletes.

Coach Blackheart’s coaching style is unique in that she takes a holistic approach. She knows rest and recovery are half of the training equation, along with balancing life demands, work, family, and nutrition. After losing 40+ pounds and keeping it off, being a bigger woman all of her adult life, a lust to educate herself about nutrition, not only in training, but as a change of lifestyle became a relentless pursuit. Carrie understands not all sizes fit one, keeping an open mind about how to periodize and balance sport with busy, demanding lifestyles.

Carrie has qualified for USAT Nationals the last 3 years in a row, is a multi 70.3 finisher including finishing 11th in her age group, and hopes to add the title of Ironman to resume in October. She is a certified personal trainer through ACE and fitness instructor at the YMCA. Her full time job is a stay at home mom to her 2 boys and caregiver to her grandmother-in-law.

If you’re looking for a coach who will be loud and proud, motivate and push you, keeping you accountable to your goals while still living a full life, she is definitely the coach for you.

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70.3: 5:25